Stugor öppet året runt
Cabins available all-year-round
Hütten ganzjährig geöffnet


Cabins with toilet and shower, kitchen, microwave, TV and Wi-Fi.

2 beds (1 bedroom): SEK 750 a night
4 beds (1 bedroom): SEK 850 a night
4/5 beds (2 bedrooms): SEK 950 a night

Youth hostel

1-2-3 beds SEK 280 per bed, per night
Single room (1 person) in a 2, 3 or 4-bed room: SEK 310 per bed, per night.

Additional services

Bed linen: SEK 100 per set.

Departure cleaning: Room: SEK 150. Cabin: SEK 400.


Caravan/camper van, tent: SEK 220 a night
Electricity: + SEK 50 a night

(All prices include toilet/shower/sauna/block heater, Wi-Fi as well as access to service centre and laundry facilities)

2022 prices (may be subject to change)